Crypto Warfare

Take down the Clinton World Order & save Bitcoin

  • 5 Player Classes
  • 71 Missions
  • 100 Skills with 26 Skill Bonuses
  • 3 Markets
  • PVP
  • Exchange

  • In 2046, Hilary Clinton rules the planet through the Clinton World Order. As a final attempt to control the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the New World Govenrment issues a world-wide ban on its usage by creating its own government powered crypto-currency: New Bitcoin [NBT].

    Totally government controlled, this faux blockchain is the main difference between NBT and BTC. Just after mining the first genesis block of NBT, Bitcoin access was severely restricted for almost all citizens across the globe and its usage and/or possession became a criminal act.

    Yet Bitcoin didn't dissapear completely from the society. Small amounts of BTC are allowed only to selected citizens, but with strict regulations. It's still in limited usage by registered bitcoiners and other cryptocurrency interested groups.

    After the censorship attempt, Bitcoin still remains a way to exchange value on the black markets via the Deep Web. Also it is used in highly controlled conditions for research, analytics and survellience, but apart from that, having bitcoins in your possession is now punishable with life in prison.

    Rumors & conspiracy theories surface now and again stating that someone will succeed in performing a 51% attack on the NBT blockchain. The consequences of this attack would bring down NBT, Hilary Clinton and the CLinton World Order, resulting in the revival of the true Bitcoin blockchain and the previous order. Some people say, those days are closer than we think...

    4bfcf1 14 NBT
    16a6ce 9 NBT
    681d99 150 NBT
    641a73 250 NBT
    13caf8 14 NBT
    48e040 9 NBT
    8ee327 7 NBT
    e8c685 105 NBT
    7f9d9c 7 NBT
    cde134 7 NBT
    81de91 7 NBT
    7a4907 7 NBT
    cfafb6 7 NBT
    903a98 116 NBT
    811980 150 NBT
    252d7f 15 NBT
    46e8ef 0 NBT
    bcb35b 6 NBT
    015ef2 6 NBT
    81139c 6 NBT
    ff3f5f 19 NBT
    aa5297 3 NBT
    a69480 1 NBT
    c52367 1 NBT
    c04c71 3 NBT
    d612b6 0 NBT
    1aabe3 1 NBT
    562e2e 0 NBT
    c304be 1 NBT
    b31fec 19 NBT
    aleks121 @oktavia, )))
    Vitalik5675 @oktavia, тем более
    falkonety You've gained 735 NBT!
    falkonety You found 0.00000207 BTC!
    aleks121 где мои сатошки
    falkonety You've gained 577 NBT!
    Vitalik5675 NBT 55025
    Slydog can't withdraw btc says it is invalid address
    Zee @Slydog, u got account?
    Lipsumation Hoe to do connect mission
    Lipsumation *hoe
    Lipsumation How
    PelonSka how long does it takes to turn the nbt into btc?
    PelonSka in the exchange
    rhood @PelonSka, forever
    gnomo forever like, never?
    SuperWerewolf when orders that match the other side of it are placed
    SuperWerewolf so as people do missions to sell or buy it gets filled
    Kayabuki If you sell at the lowest price possible .. you only have to wait until the 745984 NBT that is before you in line is sold :-P
    Kayabuki That's only $75 worth of NBT ( at the current bitcoin price ) ;-)
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