Crypto Warfare

Take down the Clinton World Order & save Bitcoin

  • 5 Player Classes
  • 71 Missions
  • 100 Skills with 26 Skill Bonuses
  • 3 Markets
  • PVP
  • Exchange

  • In 2046, Hilary Clinton rules the planet through the Clinton World Order. As a final attempt to control the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the New World Govenrment issues a world-wide ban on its usage by creating its own government powered crypto-currency: New Bitcoin [NBT].

    Totally government controlled, this faux blockchain is the main difference between NBT and BTC. Just after mining the first genesis block of NBT, Bitcoin access was severely restricted for almost all citizens across the globe and its usage and/or possession became a criminal act.

    Yet Bitcoin didn't dissapear completely from the society. Small amounts of BTC are allowed only to selected citizens, but with strict regulations. It's still in limited usage by registered bitcoiners and other cryptocurrency interested groups.

    After the censorship attempt, Bitcoin still remains a way to exchange value on the black markets via the Deep Web. Also it is used in highly controlled conditions for research, analytics and survellience, but apart from that, having bitcoins in your possession is now punishable with life in prison.

    Rumors & conspiracy theories surface now and again stating that someone will succeed in performing a 51% attack on the NBT blockchain. The consequences of this attack would bring down NBT, Hilary Clinton and the CLinton World Order, resulting in the revival of the true Bitcoin blockchain and the previous order. Some people say, those days are closer than we think...

    9a33bb 70 NBT
    7cd96e 6 NBT
    ecf071 116 NBT
    ef6bae 1 NBT
    3e097b 129 NBT
    a060c8 0 NBT
    5e430c 4 NBT
    db99f1 4 NBT
    72801f 29 NBT
    b7a0f3 29 NBT
    64419b 0 NBT
    861478 2 NBT
    978ca0 4 NBT
    173fc9 29 NBT
    0ab956 0 NBT
    02f0a2 29 NBT
    4331a2 9 NBT
    671402 2 NBT
    8e852c 29 NBT
    bc9633 14 NBT
    36da07 9 NBT
    0e89e7 29 NBT
    c67229 29 NBT
    161ef6 29 NBT
    b6163c 29 NBT
    1990f2 9 NBT
    62470d 9 NBT
    32927a 5 NBT
    01d7a4 117 NBT
    64da29 135 NBT
    Limoncik You found 0.00000125 BTC!
    Troika Lost bitcoins in cyberspace You found 0.00000143 BTC!
    Troika You found 0.00000161 BTC!
    Limoncik You found 0.00000187 BTC!
    incognita You found 0.00000241 BTC!
    Limoncik @incognita, привет!
    incognita @Limoncik, privet!
    Limoncik @incognita, морфы еще были?
    incognita @Limoncik, y menj net poka
    rizky2004 Lost bitcoins in cyberspace You found 0.00000224 BTC! Close
    rizky2004 rizky2004 vs Omer You successfully hacked the target! Close
    plyttarx плин на одном месте, то bandwith то опыт то проиграш, как валюта так одновременно c красным(
    incognita @plyttarx, tupo urovenj kachai potom tupo reckan i vce budet puchkom
    incognita @plyttarx, nu i sadanij vipolnji konechno
    rizky2004 rizky2004 vs Dmitry1989 You successfully hacked the target! Close
    plyttarx @incognita, вот задание как раз и есть собрать c матрицы 5 к ((
    incognita You found 0.00000263 BTC!
    incognita @plyttarx, pomoemu dase cpisshnnoe cchitaetcj pocmotri progrecc
    King-Zeno Lost bitcoins in cyberspace 0.00000149 BTC!
    plyttarx @incognita, неа, только nbt
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