X=X-Geemac-X=X Lvl 18

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Status Offline
Class Miner
Level 18
Power 106
Security 103
Energy consumption 24 per turn
Bandwidth consumption 31 per turn
Skills Basic mining CPU mining Pool mining Configurations GPU mining GPU mining++ Overclocking Basic trading Marketing Accounting Daytrading Arbitrage Advertising Scalping Auto trading Brokerage Analytics Margin trading
Items Paper wallet Smartphone MineSoft Lite Minorca 250 MineSoft Esential

ae0711 11 NBT
77881b 100 NBT
ff6b5c 3 NBT
7738e6 278 NBT
7c14a5 75 NBT
a0c08f 750 NBT
bba49d 3 NBT
e27de1 75 NBT
650587 100 NBT
b8fd19 735 NBT
f365cd 250 NBT
d5b9a9 15 NBT
ea3b2e 3 NBT
114632 23 NBT
aac75e 0 NBT
19eff9 1 NBT
022019 3 NBT
bfdacb 0 NBT
a3860a 11 NBT
634c62 1 NBT
8d6f96 3 NBT
ac7a01 1 NBT
b7528c 1 NBT
a93d7a 1 NBT
407490 7 NBT
a23027 1 NBT
da4caf 1 NBT
025ce1 1 NBT
4d5310 3 NBT
d11436 0 NBT
falkonety nui nimic
Maryus app .. ai idee cat dureaza ca sa iti schimbe nbt in btc ?
falkonety pffff'
falkonety am in asteptare de 2 sapt
falkonety nu schimba lumea
Maryus wtf ? :O
falkonety You found 0.00000181 BTC!
Maryus bv
falkonety inca 1
Maryus baieti , o seara faina sa aveti si spor la $$$
falkonety @Maryus, si tu
falkonety lost bitcoin?
falkonety You found 0.00000186 BTC!
Don How much % I get from referral activity?
Rocket launcher Hello sir, As leading trading expert, we would like to propose to you a one time offer. We need an automated trading system installed for our business. Do you accept the offer? Best Regards, K.L. - CEO Mission objective: Install expert system
Rocket launcher Does anyone know where this mission takes place?
Zee @Rocket launcher, its in the terminal i believe
Rocket launcher @Zee, a ok ok ! ty !
Teamster_Mate yeah.. just check the help there..
Spaderz what do the botnets do on here
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