mrimando Lvl 3

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Status Offline
Class Hacker
Level 3
Power 25
Security 25
Energy consumption 5 per turn
Bandwidth consumption 10 per turn
Skills Basic mining Basic hacking Deep web

906008 20 NBT
6ac880 20 NBT
563df3 8 NBT
e4a48f 3 NBT
759ab5 25 NBT
dbf838 100000 NBT
ae0711 11 NBT
77881b 100 NBT
ff6b5c 3 NBT
7738e6 278 NBT
7c14a5 75 NBT
a0c08f 750 NBT
bba49d 3 NBT
e27de1 75 NBT
650587 100 NBT
b8fd19 735 NBT
f365cd 250 NBT
d5b9a9 15 NBT
ea3b2e 3 NBT
114632 23 NBT
aac75e 0 NBT
19eff9 1 NBT
022019 3 NBT
bfdacb 0 NBT
a3860a 11 NBT
634c62 1 NBT
8d6f96 3 NBT
ac7a01 1 NBT
b7528c 1 NBT
a93d7a 1 NBT
Maryus app .. ai idee cat dureaza ca sa iti schimbe nbt in btc ?
falkonety pffff'
falkonety am in asteptare de 2 sapt
falkonety nu schimba lumea
Maryus wtf ? :O
falkonety You found 0.00000181 BTC!
Maryus bv
falkonety inca 1
Maryus baieti , o seara faina sa aveti si spor la $$$
falkonety @Maryus, si tu
falkonety lost bitcoin?
falkonety You found 0.00000186 BTC!
Don How much % I get from referral activity?
Rocket launcher Hello sir, As leading trading expert, we would like to propose to you a one time offer. We need an automated trading system installed for our business. Do you accept the offer? Best Regards, K.L. - CEO Mission objective: Install expert system
Rocket launcher Does anyone know where this mission takes place?
Zee @Rocket launcher, its in the terminal i believe
Rocket launcher @Zee, a ok ok ! ty !
Teamster_Mate yeah.. just check the help there..
Spaderz what do the botnets do on here
[email protected] Receive 10 hack attacks by aggressive users... how to do that?!
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