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EpicBuds Lvl 77

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Status Offline
Class Miner
Level 77
Power 416
Security 417
Energy consumption 53 per turn
Bandwidth consumption 75 per turn
Skills Basic mining CPU mining Pool mining Configurations GPU mining GPU mining++ Overclocking Cooling Basic hacking Deep web ASIC mining Automation Black market ASIC upgrades Solar power Cloud mining White Hat Workaholic Social Skills Criminal Mind Real Estate Open Mindness Mining contracts Advanced ops Industrial mining Patience Day Dreaming Large scale Underground Pal Extortion Stability Ultimate mining 51% Attack! Doxing Whistleblow Drug Lord Hacktivism Grey Hat Exploitation Basic trading Marketing Accounting Daytrading Arbitrage Advertising Scalping Auto trading Brokerage Analytics Margin trading Viral marketing Offshore account Adaptation Bot trading Creativity Market making Commitment 51% Attack! Futures trading Advanced bots Derivatives Hedge funding 51% Attack! Social Engineering Black Hat DDOS attacks 0-Day Cryptography L33t Virus coding Botnets Cyber-Attacks Über L33t 51% Attack! Focus Common Sense Facade
Items Minorca 3000 Pro Paper wallet Paper wallet Ledger Nano S VPN - Private Exploit ThruSec VPN - Private UPS - Small Tor browser Exploit OverSec MineSoft Esential Terminal - Super pro

857387 61 NBT
c3e9d3 4 NBT
a20ac6 10 NBT
282a12 41 NBT
9a2c2d 4 NBT
bb7abf 10 NBT
32665a 41 NBT
be9334 123 NBT
b1b3ba 41 NBT
58b709 123 NBT
5e6fde 123 NBT
ef793c 123 NBT
d9cab2 61 NBT
2ab20d 141 NBT
e42653 4 NBT
7b9ee6 11 NBT
c35b7e 44 NBT
c161ae 4 NBT
348aed 11 NBT
3c2d60 44 NBT
0b70cc 134 NBT
76cf63 44 NBT
9d7997 134 NBT
1607fe 134 NBT
fe19fd 134 NBT
2a5fd8 67 NBT
a3718a 1 NBT
2e0dfd 141 NBT
beff8e 25 NBT
ab71cb 8 NBT
Yolofolks yep
Kobayashi @Yolofolks, alright .. just keep your eyes peeled for a yellow Bitcoin icon ;-)
Yolofolks Ohh okay
Kobayashi @Yolofolks, just like you sometimes see a red hacker icon, or a blue surprise icon .. sometimes you see a yellow bitcoin icon. Make sure to click on it ;-P
Yolofolks i always find the blue one
Kobayashi @Yolofolks, blue surprise icon is nice too. Free experience / bandwidth / NBT :-)
Yolofolks i know i got a lot of them
Yolofolks but the btc icon none :'(
Fox You found 0.00000244 BTC!
Yolofolks ^^^ rubbing salt on my eyes
StrongWing1 You found 0.00000256 BTC!
Maltz You found 0.00000209 BTC!
StrongWing1 You found 0.00000203 BTC!
StrongWing1 You found 0.00000249 BTC!
StrongWing1 You found 0.00000219 BTC!
TwiztedTony new mining game aval
TwiztedTony a rpg cryptogame
TwiztedTony that second one is super fun
StrongWing1 You found 0.00000235 BTC!
CoinHiK You found 0.00000109 BTC!
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