X_revenant_X Lvl 83

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Status Online
Class Hacker
Level 83
Power 456
Security 553
Energy consumption 5 per turn
Bandwidth consumption 28 per turn
Skills Basic hacking Deep web Black market White Hat Doxing Whistleblow Hacktivism Grey Hat Exploitation Social Engineering Black Hat DDOS attacks 0-Day Cryptography L33t Virus coding Botnets Cyber-Attacks Über L33t 51% Attack! Basic trading Marketing Accounting Daytrading Arbitrage Advertising Scalping Auto trading Brokerage Analytics Margin trading Viral marketing Offshore account Bot trading Market making Futures trading Advanced bots Derivatives Hedge funding Workaholic Social Skills Open Mindness Patience Day Dreaming Focus Facade Tolerance Popularity Ethics Influence Optimism Common Sense Trade Secrets Paranoia Adaptation Creativity Independence Commitment Criminal Mind Real Estate
Items UPS - Small Cryptophone Weed - Common Ledger Nano S Smartphone Alcohol - Common Alcohol - Common Exchange license Smartphone - Stolen Tor browser VPN - Private UPS - Small UPS - Small Exploit ThruSec

c4e948 2 NBT
31498c 4 NBT
8491bc 2 NBT
a0bf45 0 NBT
370897 0 NBT
06f543 0 NBT
65b1be 0 NBT
3022c1 2 NBT
081ea5 2 NBT
430835 4 NBT
2fbfd2 2 NBT
ee2910 0 NBT
f2df47 0 NBT
1e5e73 4 NBT
0e14a0 28 NBT
7c45b5 9 NBT
323cf0 0 NBT
1bdfd4 2 NBT
b39157 2 NBT
373e29 0 NBT
a410b2 9 NBT
23bd6f 14 NBT
4ed443 2 NBT
2eaf09 14 NBT
7984eb 2 NBT
08a602 2 NBT
b88f87 4 NBT
bae50e 9 NBT
59c08c 9 NBT
8b94d5 9 NBT
vicky firt one after gap of 3+ hours.
Yahoo @vicky, yipee
vicky @Yahoo, thnx..
Nirrout @Zee_oFFIcial, hola
monolotovono CR back to normal
vicky level 90 now :). time to sleep. goodnight everyone
Yahoo @vicky, sleep well! congrats
aleks121 You found 0.00000194 BTC!
Yahoo @aleks121, yipee
aleks121 You found 0.00000191 BTC!
aleks121 ааа 5109 BTC
aleks121 сатошки поперли
aleks121 You found 0.00000156 BTC!
aleks121 Rtscan жмем
aleks121 и летаем по карте
caps on hi all :-))
propain zince gettin lvl20 only get exp. and allmost no NBT at all?
rhood You've gained 455 NBT!
aleks121 lvl 57
aleks121 btc 5266 ))) https://prnt.sc/i38abg
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