freecryptcoins Lvl 67

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Status Offline
Class Miner
Level 67
Power 418
Security 366
Energy consumption 52 per turn
Bandwidth consumption 93 per turn
Skills Basic trading Marketing Accounting Daytrading Arbitrage Advertising Basic mining CPU mining Pool mining Scalping Basic hacking Deep web Black market White Hat Doxing Auto trading Workaholic Social Skills Open Mindness Patience Focus Popularity Whistleblow Hacktivism Configurations GPU mining Grey Hat Exploitation Day Dreaming GPU mining++ Overclocking Cooling Adaptation Social Engineering Black Hat DDOS attacks 0-Day Cryptography L33t ASIC mining Automation ASIC upgrades Solar power Cloud mining Mining contracts Advanced ops Industrial mining Large scale Stability Ultimate mining Brokerage Analytics Margin trading Viral marketing Offshore account Bot trading Criminal Mind Real Estate 51% Attack! Market making Futures trading Advanced bots Derivatives Hedge funding 51% Attack! Virus coding Botnets
Items Bandwidth D 2000 Bandwidth D 2000 Smartphone Raspberry Pi VII Smartphone Tor browser Ledger Nano S Exchange Pass Linux Mint MineSoft Pro Terminal - Basic Terminal - Basic Exploit OverSec Minorca 1500 Pro

433aeb 170 NBT
91cf9b 13 NBT
e52a3d 8 NBT
0b7608 2 NBT
95a86d 4 NBT
81121a 0 NBT
08aa0b 0 NBT
ee585f 0 NBT
c7139e 0 NBT
86b76c 2 NBT
30b9e9 2 NBT
80f2cc 4 NBT
a2d07b 2 NBT
4f0d46 0 NBT
0296e2 0 NBT
668263 4 NBT
962077 26 NBT
c28fd0 8 NBT
06c049 0 NBT
e6993d 2 NBT
a04679 2 NBT
cb4c85 8 NBT
354503 13 NBT
351ad1 2 NBT
41ef11 13 NBT
16f4b0 2 NBT
9fcc49 2 NBT
1abf28 4 NBT
bc035d 8 NBT
5cdac1 8 NBT
Nirrout @Zee_oFFIcial, hola
monolotovono CR back to normal
vicky level 90 now :). time to sleep. goodnight everyone
Yahoo @vicky, sleep well! congrats
aleks121 You found 0.00000194 BTC!
Yahoo @aleks121, yipee
aleks121 You found 0.00000191 BTC!
aleks121 ааа 5109 BTC
aleks121 сатошки поперли
aleks121 You found 0.00000156 BTC!
aleks121 Rtscan жмем
aleks121 и летаем по карте
caps on hi all :-))
propain zince gettin lvl20 only get exp. and allmost no NBT at all?
rhood You've gained 455 NBT!
aleks121 lvl 57
aleks121 btc 5266 )))
aleks121 все вывел
Kobayashi @propain I think mex reconfigured the NBT droprate a couple of days back. More EXP compared to NBT ( and BW )
Yahoo You found 0.00000224 BTC!
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