LadyGaga Lvl 32

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Status Online
Class Crime Boss
Level 32
Power 170
Security 170
Energy consumption 6 per turn
Bandwidth consumption 10 per turn
Skills Criminal Mind Real Estate Underground Pal Extortion Basic Hacking Relaxation Basic hacking Networking Drug Lord Curiosity Deep web Govt. Contact Knowledge Cyberwarfare 51% Attack! Black market Real Estate++ Laundering Arms Training Assassination Alliance Honour Organised Crime Basic mining CPU mining Basic trading Marketing Accounting Daytrading Arbitrage Advertising Scalping
Items Alcohol - Common Alchohol - Cheap Alchohol - Cheap Alchohol - Cheap Ledger Nano S Tor browser Weed - Common Exchange Pass

37fbed 14 NBT
156c0d 70 NBT
2ae452 126 NBT
d7bae2 70 NBT
53fa9a 21 NBT
99eefd 7 NBT
d26512 1 NBT
47aca4 0 NBT
94b3f4 21 NBT
c47bd5 0 NBT
f91ec8 1 NBT
2a80f2 3 NBT
7622d4 0 NBT
f5afe9 10 NBT
9b7e0a 1 NBT
ee6cde 3 NBT
0b90a8 1 NBT
fed7a0 1 NBT
e426db 1 NBT
a24691 7 NBT
167067 1 NBT
be4c63 1 NBT
241b05 1 NBT
7f1634 3 NBT
dfeef9 0 NBT
651029 0 NBT
0c05ab 0 NBT
e0f5fe 0 NBT
e9d280 0 NBT
9627a8 0 NBT
Maryus app .. ai idee cat dureaza ca sa iti schimbe nbt in btc ?
falkonety pffff'
falkonety am in asteptare de 2 sapt
falkonety nu schimba lumea
Maryus wtf ? :O
falkonety You found 0.00000181 BTC!
Maryus bv
falkonety inca 1
Maryus baieti , o seara faina sa aveti si spor la $$$
falkonety @Maryus, si tu
falkonety lost bitcoin?
falkonety You found 0.00000186 BTC!
Don How much % I get from referral activity?
Rocket launcher Hello sir, As leading trading expert, we would like to propose to you a one time offer. We need an automated trading system installed for our business. Do you accept the offer? Best Regards, K.L. - CEO Mission objective: Install expert system
Rocket launcher Does anyone know where this mission takes place?
Zee @Rocket launcher, its in the terminal i believe
Rocket launcher @Zee, a ok ok ! ty !
Teamster_Mate yeah.. just check the help there..
Spaderz what do the botnets do on here
[email protected] Receive 10 hack attacks by aggressive users... how to do that?!
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